The Why of EQHigh5


EQ refers to emotional intelligence, the awareness of yourself and your surroundings.

Have you ever found yourself reaching for a tissue when you hear a beautiful melody that touches your ears and your heart?  Me too.

Or when vibrant swatches of violet and tangerine paint a cobalt sky at dawn. As the sun stretches her sleepy limbs, simultaneously surprising and blinding me on my morning commute, dew-like moisture wells up, making my eyes sparkle.

Even a sentimental commercial can cause me to self-consciously (and covertly) wipe my face on my sleeve. Let’s just say that if I had a hankering to gamble, I’d make a lousy poker player.

For years, as the world witnessed my vulnerabilities and emotional responses to impactful stimuli, I figured that this made me appear weak.  I was ashamed that my body betrayed me.

To prove that I was tough, I tried things that were hard or adventurous. Public speaking. Triathlons. Marathons. Initiating difficult conversations. Scuba diving. Volunteering as a hospice caretaker.

And then EQ became the trending buzzword; it became a strength to lead with empathy and your heart.

This is a celebration of being in touch with ourselves and being able to connect with others. My goal is to share fresh perspectives, solutions to some of life’s problems, and to recommend ideas or products that made a difference in my world.  If I can make someone else’s world a little easier, that would be deliciously pleasing to me.

The best part: this space cures my insatiable appetite for writing.  Putting words to the page is my passion.  I am very excited to build the EQHigh5 library of life’s lessons and creative ideas.







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