The centre of it all


Image courtesy of Pioneer Town

He rode into town on a chilly spring day. The few that knew him called him Pete. He was tall, dark, handsome.

Pete was a stranger in these parts; where he came from was unknown. The townsfolk of Centre Hall knew he’d be drifting off before the sun set, departing as mysteriously as he had arrived.

His quiet charm caused the women to giggle shyly, some blushed as his gaze swept over them, unabashedly assessing them from head to toe.

The town of Centre Hall is nestled in the lush Penns Valley, smack dab in the middle of the Keystone State.


This had been a pioneer town, founded 20 years after the end of the American Civil War.

Pennsylvania historical photos courtesy of John Zubach via Charlotte Tancin’s Freeland, PA history website; the Frankford Milk wagon image courtesy of Historical Pennsylvania images via Pinterest.

In 1885, as this sleepy little town awakened during the gilded age, Grover Cleveland was inaugurated, the Statue of Liberty sailed into New York Harbor, and Laura Ingalls married Almanzo Wilder, setting up their little house on the prairie.

Our anachronistic hero had traveled with two companions, the reason they were in town was completely obvious: they were famished and had heard of the unparalleled hospitality and authentic Italian cooking proffered at Brothers Pizza.

brothers pizza and sweet scoops

Ooo-la-la, the large pizza we ordered and the personal service we received was delizioso and eccezionale (translation: we loved it!).

Pete, our Tennessee Walker, my husband and I were greeted by the gracious staff that delivered impeccable service at Brothers Pizza and Sweet Scoops Gelato, straight to our horse-trailer. Pete loved the attention and sampling the decadent soft serve ice cream.

Pete was overcome by their Hospitality Nonpareil; he couldn’t get the words out, but if he could’ve, he would’ve remarked that they were the best and the cutest carhops he had ever encountered.


The town’s motto may be “In the Centre of it all”; that is exactly where they place visitors to their town, the center of their attention.


We had a long journey that day. We were two hours away from home, we had already traveled three hours. My husband, our horse and I were a bit weary, but the enthusiasm, and phenomenal service of the staff at both Brothers Pizza and Sweet Scoops energized each of us for the remainder of our travels.


Centre Hall is inhabited by the friendliest people we have ever met.

Pete agrees.